To love and to be loved - A Complete Guide To It

To love and to be loved - A Complete Guide To It

The one way to be happy in life is to love and to be loved.

It is said every heart hums a tune seeking to be complete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to hum always find a tune. Love too is similar to the tune. It is sweet and rests our forever running heart. The ones we love don’t go away , they walk  right beside us just unseen, unheard but always near. You are so attached to them you know you cannot paint your life without them.

Our loved ones have seen us struggling, hurt and seen us fly during happy times. They have been along through our high and low , always acting as our anchor to life. With so many emotions and connections, don’t you think our loved one deserves to know the place they have in your life ?  

No matter who they are in your life, they may be your parents, your partner,kinfolk ,friend,a teacher, a boss, they all deserve a little appreciation for being with you. For relationships and feelings that are so deep and important, the appreciation has to be equally expressive and full of enthusiasm. We don’t think any gift would do the justice other than a gift with a personal touch, a personalised gift

 personalised gifts

A unique gift like a  cute and cuddly plush magic pillow will remind them of you and the relationship you share with them . No matter what their age, your relationship with them, or their gender be, a personalised gift combined with their favorite food is  no-fail cheat code to win their hearts. You may thank them, apologise, congratulate them and surprise them! Love is not like a command, it is a request. 

 unique gifts


They say, It is not the gift, but the thought that counts. We, at Giftingstudio,  will make sure that every time you want to give your loved one something, we genuinely keep our promise to deliver your love to them safely and securely. Giftingstudio promises to deliver your hamper across the country on time so that your loved one never misses a moment. 


We acknowledge that it is you who make your people smile and we would love to take part in your effort to cheer up their life. At Giftingstudio , you will find a plethora of other gifts such as frames, wallets, art pieces and a lot more. We honor your emotions and love for your loved one, that is why we offer users to convey emotional, personal messages and wishes to the receiver of the gift.



We strongly believe that one should always leave their loved ones with the most loving words before it's too late .  To add more happiness to your gift, Giftingstudio regularly updates the gift collection and makes it a unique gift collection ,making sure you don't have to look any further. So, we don’t think you have any other excuse to come up with to surprise your loved one! Once you place your order, leave your loved one’s happiness to us. After all, presents are made for the pleasure of those who give them, not for the merits of those who receive them.

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